The online website promotion strategy

            1, SEO generalization (search engine optimization). In the network marketing, SEO search engine optimization ranking is a very important means. SEO is a kind of network marketing way that makes the site get better ranking in Baidu, Google, YAHOO and other search engines to win more potential customers. SEO’s main work is through understanding how the various search engines crawl the Internet page, how to index and how to determine the search engine for some specific keyword search results ranking technology, to the optimization of the relevant web pages, improve search engine rankings, improve the comprehensive ability of the final site. Now the most common search promotion in China is Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO and Alibaba. The Baidu accounted for nearly half of the share, GOOGLE accounted for 38%, if can also do search engine promotion in the two major search engines, can account for about 90% of the total market, which accounted for most of the search engine market.

2, send email to your customers, partners, or web site registered on a regular basis. Contains some skills related to the use of the product news and products and asked him if he close relatives and friends also need to provide some information about products of discounts, and link back to your site; on your potential customers, carefully planned, to attract them to buy things from your website. Spend some time in the form and content of your email: you have to give the customer something valuable, don’t make them think it’s spam;

3, to other sites or forums to provide some free, professional and strong articles, and get a link to your site. This is a win-win approach. Other sites are free to get your articles, enrich the content of his site, and because of your expertise, you improve the prestige, so that their company and products have been promoted and recognized;

4, exchange links. And complement website, the premise must not be a rival, exchange Links, which can greatly improve the web traffic; (Links added to our company website address: to our website and you can contact us)

5, with the website membership system to pull visitors. The members of the site will be linked to their traffic to their website;

6, create an online survey. Determine what the customer needs, create an online survey, and get advice from your visitors about how to make your site sell better.

7, create your own ad. Be sure that you know who your goals are, the goals of your marketing campaigns, and creatively attract your browsing.

8, release product information. Publishing company and product information in some online trading and online classifieds, adding websites and

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