New retailing has spawned a new business tracking user locations in stores

when shoppers come into the store, we can track their location by phone, which is a promising business.


"look at that!"

is talking about Edward Armishaw, a retail consulting and analysis firm in Finland, in, pointing to a small white box, a box on a cylinder and a mirror outside the cylinder. When a customer walks into a store and searches the Wi-Fi network with a smartphone, the sensor tracks the customer’s footprint. More than and 100 similar devices have been put into a department store in Oxford street in london. Shoppers slowly walked into the dressing room, she will have to buy the product, there is no pay at the cashier, Walkbase and company customers all know.

we can see this experience as a "traffic 2" era. For many years, the stores have used the old system to track users, who put the laser at the door to count the traffic. ShopperTrak is an American company that works with 2100 customers around the world, including Las Vegas, Liverpool, and is a leader in the field. ShopperTrak executives Nick Pompa said that until recently, the store began to track the location of customers in the building.

tracking technology to create new styles. Some technology with LED light display code, make intelligent mobile phone camera to scan; headquarters is located in California and Finland startup IndoorAtlas is monitoring the impact of equipment on the show ingenuity, they store the earth’s magnetic field. Market consulting firm Research and Markets believes that there are more and more people with smart phones, indoor mobile phone tracking market size from now until 2021 will grow 5 times, reaching $23 billion.

retailers in the end want to get what the answer is different, depending on the strength of their technology. In the most basic case, the store may find that customers often from the "frozen goods area" to "wine area", they can put two regions together. Which department are promotional products? Retailers can also know, understand all this doesn’t need to know any information of shoppers, as long as they know where to go.

if the store can persuade customers to hand over personal information, they can get more profits. ABI Research reported that about 20 stores worldwide have been using the system to track the phone. Wi-Fi is often overlooked, in fact, the store can be viewed through the Wi-Fi shopper’s online search history, tracking the location of shoppers.

network provider Hughes Europe executives Dan Thornton pointed out that in the store to track the phone for the data to find a gold mine". Some retailers are more daring, they push personalized positioning to the customer’s phone wide

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