Soft can not ignore the marketing focus

The story about

‘s own secret recipe is colonel Saunders, who retired in 1963, because he didn’t want to do anything. Go out to seek partners. In 1964, Colonel Saunders for $2 million KFC recipe sold to a consortium of three people, this is a recipe for a romantic water after the stranger to turn. The three one is the consortium Marcy, a financier, therefore capital strength. Per West was an aerospace engineer who was responsible for the preparation and improvement of a range of processes. After Marcie corporations FengFengGuangGuang bought KFC for seventh years, Hebo Ryan monopoly in a $287 million franchise brand.

the launch of a product only to be recognized by consumers in order to have a larger store, as is known to all. An important part of advertising and marketing also has become an indispensable product manufacturing and consumer buying process. After nearly a hundred years of development, this kind of hard cultural advertising peaked in twenty-first Century, and with the peak of this kind of advertising boom, the consumer’s aversion to its level has reached an unprecedented peak. The results of the professional survey company is 93.5% people have this kind of hard cultural marketing advertising had an antipathy.

would like to use repetition to allow consumers to hear their own brand to remember their brand passive. Soft cultural marketing advertising refers to the use of some to seize the attention of consumers of public welfare or stealth advertising to let consumers actively remember your brand! Coca-Cola and KFC recipe "hard cultural marketing advertising again and again the enterprise brand.

hard marketing is forcing consumers to remember your brand image. Coca-Cola soft cultural marketing and KFC soft cultural marketing to show people this completely different brand communication ideas. The biggest difference between soft cultural marketing and hard cultural marketing is that soft cultural marketing focuses on making consumers remember your brand image voluntarily.

found, let me look at Coca-Cola and the world’s fast food giant KFC is how to carry out its soft cultural marketing?. There is one thing in common with the brand marketing of the two giants, that is to sell their own secret:

security is very tight, Coca-Cola recipe is the story about his Coca-Cola recipe in peace garage. And this is what the tight hard to imagine if the company which people want to query the "secret recipe" so, that person must apply first, the board of directors of the trust company full approval to get the key to peace. At the same time, it is also strictly stipulated that the opening of the safe door must meet the following two conditions: 1 the presence of officials; the time specified in 2. So far less than 10 people know the secret.

reproduced note: Taiwan tourism

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