Home improvement products online shopping bottleneck analysis

five things in life, for themselves, the current from the food to the car, from clothing to household appliances, electronic commerce has deeply involved in these industries, enterprises are constantly advancing through network marketing, network sales accounted for more and more, consumers are accustomed to from online shopping, but around the "live" in various industries, in promoting e-commerce, has been slow process, such as home industry, so we have to reflect on, why is it difficult to open the door of

e-commerce home?

product purchase requires professional knowledge

in my opinion, business Jiezhuang industry electronic advance one reason is slow, the purchase of home improvement products need professional knowledge and ability to identify some, such as lighting, doors and windows and so on, coupled with China’s home improvement products manufacturing level, product quality is not high and low, for consumers Jiezhuang consumer products knowledge it has put forward higher requirements. So a lot of home improvement products are purchased by the home improvement company on behalf of consumers, but this is due to asymmetric information, which may lead to an increase in consumer spending. In fact, in the decoration market, many decoration company through the purchase of home improvement products price, profiteering. So home improvement products to achieve the scale of the outbreak of online shopping, the first is to cultivate the professional knowledge of consumer home improvement. Including product knowledge, product brand comparison, product price, etc.. How can online shopping home improvement products consumers clearly the price of the product is the first step to eliminate barriers to consumer online shopping home improvement products.

after-sales service difficult to keep up with

lags behind another interpretation of other industries is the home products at the time of the purchase process for electronic commerce Jiezhuang industry of our country, the need to improve the handling and installation of customer service service, and to provide these services through online, so consumers are not willing to choose to buy home products through the internet. In this regard, home products need to do is set up in the online mall at the same time, need to build a line across the country under the service station, service can provide goods delivery, installation and other services for the consumer online shopping around customer service. The construction of such a network, far more than the establishment of an online brand mall, it is difficult and much more expensive.

suitable for O2O mode

in my opinion, the current Jiezhuang product selection is B2B or B2C, in fact, the most suitable for home products or O2O mode, completely open up online and offline, information consumers Jiezhuang products online, get online. In fact, the higher the price of the product, the information found in the army, as well as logistics more difficult products, the most suitable is the O2O model, such as instruments, cars, etc.. Home improvement products as well.

recently, Suning has announced the implementation of online and offline price, in fact, home appliances and home improvement products, operations on the Internet there are similarities very similar. The key node is to get through online and offline, the integration of online and offline, and ultimately no online and offline, so, >

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