How to make money network looks beautiful poppy puzzle Wangzhuan

When many people hear the great prospect of

Wangzhuan after all Wangzhuan as Poppy do the temptation of dumping, a step by step into the trap of Wangzhuan without introspection in, only to eventually work for them, in fact, behind any beautiful appearance will have a purpose not to be divulged this charming appearance, of course, also must have their results, if used properly, can make a career, such as application of appropriate poppy to cure, also tend to produce an immediate effect, so even if the Wangzhuan is beautiful trap, it can also make a lot of a person with breadth of vision to find their own across the beautiful spring, here I come to introduce several common Wangzhuan trap skills to avoid


one: join the temptation of the site alliance

is now in the webmaster circle appeared in a variety of website alliance, local industry, and each one seemed full of temptation, the webmaster can rely on the strong power station group, will soon be able to build a successful website or local site, but now most of the site has a lot of on the one hand is tricky, website qualification tends not to be satisfactory, if there are problems, easily escaped escape things, because when it joined the alliance website, often webmaster domain name, domain name and space station program are held in the hands of the franchisee, the franchisee once escaped, impact to join is not to be underestimated!

of course website of this business model, indeed enticing, which break up the whole into parts of website operation mode is indeed a new profit model, if successful, will naturally get profit, which is why many webmaster to join the speed of this kind of website to the alliance, but before joining must take an agreement, the site of the control right to stay in their own hands, so when the website alliance of crisis, they can also be the site move, re operation, not before the effort boondoggle


two: acting on behalf of the delivery platform to make huge profits

There are a lot of single page sales website

on the Internet now, most of these sites have a common characteristic, that is profits, such as weight loss, breast enhancement, impotence and so on, the source of these products are most delivery platform, such as " long delivery platform ", on the one hand this kind of platform; provide a lucrative product, on the other hand also offers free shipping, on behalf of a service, to help owners to easily achieve the sales network platform, it is the temptation to let many webmaster do not consciously join the delivery platform business profits


but this kind of platform safety and quality is often the weakness, often in the business, once the product has quality problems, bring some negative effects are important to consumers, the shipping platform may walk away, and leave the station business often became important victims, so when choosing delivery platform, we must consider the qualifications and responsibilities, only to ensure that this kind of platform reputation no >

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