August China CN domain ushered in the peak! Tens of thousands of registered amount exceeded 130 thou

renamed China ( September 10th hearing, according to the latest data released by CNNIC, as of August 2014,.CN domain name registration, a total of 10906655, compared to July, growth of 138343, become so far this year registered the highest amount.

figure: CN domain name growth trend chart


domain name from 2014 growth trend in the picture, we can see that now, except in February this year, the CN domain name registrations each month over ten million, from the beginning of March until the gradual growth fell slightly in May, then in June began to increase and reached the highest total registered in August.


: CN domain name statistics table

through the CN domain name statistics,.Cn domain name still occupies most of the land, the registered amount of 8691505, accounting for more than 79.7%. The undisputed, domain name immediately thereafter, registered volume 1156998, accounting for 10.6% of the total. The amount of third domain name is registered, amount to 766055, accounting for 7% of the total. The remaining CN domain names are less than 2%.

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