Rhyme for shopping sites at a loss listed artificially high valuation has been questioned

homogeneous competition, price war shopping…… Express industry is facing unprecedented challenges. After the tact, Shen Tong, SF, rhyme freight announced backdoor listing, Xinhai shares (SZ.002120) kill red eye express enterprises are from the extensive price war spread to the capital level of the contest.

however, the backdoor listing of the rhyme so that the industry unexpectedly. Not only more than 18 billion yuan valuation and sto tact, its commitment to performance is far higher than the average growth rate over the past three years. According to performance commitments show that in 2016 its net profit will not be less than 1 billion 130 million yuan, in 2015 net profit of $696 million. It is worth noting that in 2013 ~2015 years, rhyme cargo express delivery volume compound growth rate of only 35.23%.

in addition, judging from the earnings, 2016 earnings forecast rhyme is 15.93 times higher than the company, Yuantong 15.91 and Shen Tong 14.44. Many people in the industry to accept the "business news" on Chinese said in an interview, in addition to higher valuations, fierce price competition in the courier industry, the slowdown in the situation, the relative ranking of the rhyme is how to ensure the earnings growth, performance commitments can be achieved is questionable.

for the above problems, the reporter contacted rhyme of the Ministry of public transport and sent an interview letter, but as of press time has not yet received a reply.

price shopping forced listed companies

the evening of July 1st, Xinhai shares issued "major assets and issue shares to buy assets plan" announced that the proposed equivalent part to all the assets and liabilities of the shareholders of the cargo hold rhyme rhyme freight 100% equity trading replacement, intended to set out the assets of the initial price of 661 million yuan, the assets to be placed in the preliminary the price of 18 billion yuan, the difference in part by the company by way of issue of shares from shareholders to purchase freight rhyme.

After the completion of the

backdoor, the actual controller of listed companies into Nie Tengyun, Mr. and Mrs. Chen Liying, the two held a total of new shares of the company’s total of 77.49%. This estimate, Nie Tengyun will be worth more than ten billion yuan.

nearly half a year, before the express industry development trend in low sweep, collective assault listed. The evening of December 1, 2015, Edisi (002468.SZ) released the restructuring plan: STO intends backdoor listing price of 16 billion 900 million yuan. The evening of March 22, 2016, Dayang creation (600233.SZ) announced the Yuantong Express valued 17 billion 500 million yuan backdoor listing plan. In May 23, 2016, Ding Tai new material (002352.SZ) announced that the proposed price of 43 billion 300 million yuan SF holdings backdoor Dingtai new material landing A shares market. Ding Tai new material in the announcement after the resumption, the deadline to reporters, has pulled out of the 14 trading board, the stock price doubled 3 times.

express enterprises are eager to market? The State Postal Bureau think tank experts, permanent Yi things think tank responsible Shao Zhonglin told reporters on the "Chinese business"

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