See how to imitate the grassroots Adsense actress strip hype fame

introduction: speculation, the word rate high on the Internet show! Some of the stars is not known in the early stage, rely on speculation can let the public familiar with the late on songs, movies, embellished in the only youth beauty to attract the attention of the public, so that it makes more and more people know this is the star! A rely on speculation to become a star! So grassroots webmaster will not have the hype star speculation effect? Today, China will save together and we discuss grassroots webmaster speculation

what will happen?

beauty beauty star by a famous


beauty can bring visual shock and spiritual touch; a few years ago, starring Tang Wei and Tony Leung in the movie "lust", Tang Wei on the film hot screen but also to let the public remember the covered with the atmosphere of the campus girl, Tang Wei’s wonderful acting as art and fling caution to the winds the spirit of dedication to the first screen young actor to red


then "sejie" after the opening of this movie, the audience was also put Tang Wei and Tony Leung on a major media headlines between two became the talk of the entertainment at leisure entertainment! Tang Wei has not only become the bright younger generation also become the majority of grass root male house of the goddess, the limelight is completely cover after Sora Aoi;


" is a classic movie worthy of collection, the original is Eileen Chang Eileen Chang, writing life, write countless classic! "Sejie" is also a controversial movie, some people say that porn is said to have art films, to look at the audience perspective, different views of nature different! Is freedom of speech, you said "sejie" porn, I don’t mind, the film appeared in three, starring Tony Leung Tang Wei and Mr. Yi starring Wang Jiazhi in bed combat footage! Tang Wei is able to achieve million empty lane, known to every family reputation, has a great relationship with these fragments!

"sejie" released until now has been in the past few years, but on the Internet there are still looking for the audience, there are friends in the BBS topic of discussion, thus "sejie" was released at the scene


Tang Wei for this piece of dedication, a take off fame, naturally no objection, but Tang Wei wonderful acting worthy of praise.

beauty beauty star by a famous

in speculation

we look at Sora Aoi’s dressing way to fame, Sora Aoi, is the grass root male recognized goddess, boys love Cang teacher, you know! Don’t do more to explain! So far, Sora Aoi fans in micro-blog 15 million 70 thousand, the amount of fans so amazing, do not lose to the domestic big star Sora Aoi! 1507 people’s attention in China, cannot do without the teacher behind Cang at all! A Cang teacher must place the hot topic, Cang teacher’s action will become hot news, Cang teacher micro-blog marketing success is worth learning.

Cang teacher in micro-blog to sell underwear, "empty series"

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