Ma Yun 1 billion yuan injection of 95095 Medical dream took the first step

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Ma Yun finally won the third party online drug transaction license.

from early December last year came Ma and CITIC twenty-first Century in close contact, to January 23, 2014, Alibaba announced CITIC holdings in twenty-first Century, Ma was the first step to realize their dream of health. The industry generally believe that this will become a giant in the industry.


is a master China drug regulatory code and the social background of strong enterprises, the other is a social enterprise China flow up, they combined, do you think what will happen in the industry?!" a medical community said.

, according to people close to the Alibaba said, the future of how to integrate the two party business executives are closely related to planning, may not go to war platform merger or relocation, the main cooperation in terms of data.

based on Ma Yun’s vision, the future, Ali cloud computing and CITIC in twenty-first Century to jointly promote the construction of pharmaceutical information platform to jointly develop, establish a set of standards based on medical and health information technology. At present, the country only CITIC in twenty-first Century to get the first third party online drug sales license pilot license, in the pattern of oligopolistic competition. If Ma’s vision can be successfully completed, the medical platform will hold the position of the industry giants. Ma Yun’s medical dream will be perfect.

and now, third party drug sales market competition in full swing.

mysterious 95095

in the industry, Ma has a medical dream has spread. The way to achieve his dream of medical treatment, the fastest way is through the existing layout of the Tmall Medical Center larger market.

but sell drugs online, has been the regulatory unit – the food and drug administration system as uncontrollable trading. Because of the difficulty of Internet supervision, if there is not a good regulatory system will make the counterfeit medicine, endanger the lives of consumers.

therefore, regardless of the Tmall medical center, Jingdong pharmaceutical City, the two big third party online platform providers how to work hard public relations, drug system has been firmly decentralized.

2012, the national online drug trading volume reached 400 million, the drug system is still firmly curb.

until 2013, with the deepening medical reform, the implementation of the basic drug system, hospital medicine Zero spreads sales reform, and more and more people online consumer habits, broaden the drug sales channels, can become a study of consumption patterns, regulators have loose meaning.

but China’s first third party online drug transaction certificate, who will spend


industry speculation, is Tmall Medical Museum, or Jingdong. But beyond all expectations is that in November 12, 2013, the State Food and Drug Administration will be the pilot to sign a little-known Hebei pharmaceutical company, eye Hebei Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 95095 pharmaceutical flat.

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