Flow how to sell When will the advertising alliance say, penny

what is the most valuable in twenty-first Century? Flow! But do not misunderstand, this flow is not the flow of Prime Minister Lee, but the site or software users active access. Network era, the flow represents the potential business opportunities, the greater the flow, the more unlimited business opportunities, advertising alliance came into being.

but accurate identification of the flow value is not easy, in this regard, the 360 search advertising alliance developed a more intelligent algorithm to give advertisers who have a higher flow of gold.


Figure 1: flow suction gold

and the LORD said, "let there be light," and there is light in the world. Advertisers said: we want to sell things, so there is an online advertising alliance. Advertisers are still not satisfied, we want to get more clicks and conversion with lower cost, so the 360 Search Advertising Alliance launched a more high-quality algorithm.

chaos and order: advertising alliance due to the birth of advertisers, the rise of

in the earliest era of the Internet, personal website is purely personal interests and feelings of the product. With the growing popularity of the site, the growing number of visitors, these visitors are optimistic about some of the advertisers to pay a certain amount of the way the webmaster, in the pages attached to their own advertising. This is the embryonic form of advertising alliance.

at the advertising page is messy and loss of governance, "you can even see the chain" competitors in our web page, a well-known forum moderator said early. In order to finish this chaos, into the establishment of money advertising alliance came into being.

at the advertising alliance is composed of a large enterprise plays a leading role (such as Ali, Baidu, 360, etc.), the integration of all market resources, advertising targeted delivery to the corresponding location of the corresponding web site. At this point, the advertising alliance has basically been able to meet the needs of advertisers, advertisers to bring a certain amount of traffic.

trend: the Alliance for advertisers benefit change

, however, the traditional means of advertising still has a lot of shortcomings – not enough precision, most of the clicks are invalid clicks, low conversion…… Money can not see the effect, which is probably the hearts of all advertisers fear.


Figure 2: advertisers want to bring the cost of the corresponding value

for this reason, 360 search advertising alliance with the cloud, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, relying on the AD Exchange link DSP platform and SSP platform to further improve the accuracy of advertising. 360 strategic cooperation and joint development director Yang Miao at the Inner Mongolia summit, said, "the mission of the 360 is to help advertisers, to help members of the alliance, to get the best returns".

in traditional technology, advertising is mainly put on a page, 10 visitors will see the ad; but in fact, this

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