love to play the grand literary piracy literature network members were sentenced to 10 months

November 24th news, Shanda literature to fight piracy again. Science and technology Tencent was informed that has uncovered a large literary piracy website "I love literature network piracy case before the day. "I love literature network operators were sentenced to imprisonment for 10 months and fined 100 thousand yuan.

is the case by Shanda literature and Sheng Network Technology Co., the company with the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of investigation, Shanghai is the first infringement of copyright of network literature right of criminal cases.

According to

, "I love literature" published by the infringement of network literature profit. "I love literature" in the rights of people without permission, illegal copying of Shanda literature starting point Chinese network "X -" dragon age, "Diablo" destroyed a total of 500 works, of which there are a number of bestselling novels.

according to the judicial interpretation: for commercial purposes, without permission from the copyright owner, to reproduce and distribute the text, movies and other works, the number is in 500 above, which belongs to the "criminal law" provisions of article 217th of the "other serious circumstances". "I love literature network" unauthorized illegal copying and distributing communication works 500, if the circumstances are serious, have constituted the crime of copyright infringement.


Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang Tencent revealed activist progress

CEO of Shanda literature Hou Xiaoqiang also through the Tencent micro-blog said: "the literature" love Chinese net "website piracy piracy, Shanda literature information is as follows: the court sentenced love Chinese suspects sentenced to 10 net months, fined 100 thousand yuan."

it is reported that, all along, Shanda literature actively cooperate with the public security organs to undermine the copyright infringement of many literary websites. At present, the "520 novels" and "Wansong Chinese network", "long by" a large literary piracy site was closed, the administrator arrested.

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