User data theft intensified fraud group aimed at the electricity supplier website

Internet security defense China large-scale collapse, even behind the scam is all over the country? If this is true, the future for a long period of time, domestic users will encounter the hitherto unknown wave of fraud.

secret courier triggered fraud

December 21, 2011, Century Road, Hebei, Zhangjiakou, a simple package from the post express logistics company operating point, the destination is thousands of miles away in Chongqing.

at another Chongqing resident Wu Jin (a pseudonym) did not think that this is a simple package, get involved in a well-designed online shopping fraud, but did not expect, they will become an innocent victims caused by the recent theft of user data in the event of fraud.

December 25, 2011, is at home watching TV Wu Jin received claiming Eslite customer service calls, such as Wu Jin will inform the Eslite VIP customers to provide a new year gift underwear thermal underwear two piece suit and a set price 1880 yuan L’OREAL collagen 6 piece gift, free of charge, but need to pay 299 yuan the customs fees.

the morning of the second day of 9 points, 9 floor, No. 329 building, Chongqing city Yuzhong District People Yinghai Road, is the meeting Wu Jin and VANCL Logistics Department received claiming to confirm whether the phone has received a gift and inform the courier, within a week, VANCL will also be on the senior customer with a crystal textile bed 3 pieces Wu Jin, asked in detail about the love of color, the size of the need, this does not need to pay any fees.

after 10 minutes, the courier and Wu Jin EMS made a telephone contact, a courier parcel sent to Wu Jin’s office, because of the long-term purchase in, have become accustomed to this set of shopping process, Wu Jin without thinking it will be 299 yuan to pay the courier.

2 pm, after my colleagues remind Wu Jin to open the package, packaging simple rough underwear: be frightened and change color, check online, 58 yuan can buy two sets of shipping. The so-called original price of 1880 yuan L’OREAL collagen protein sets of 6, from the appearance of the fake, even at the sealing point of smear.

Wu Jinli contact Eslite customer service center, that the other party never organized similar activities.

now liar too powerful, have begun to use the online shopping model for serial fraud." Wu Jin after seeing reporters sigh.

from the beginning of December 25, 2011, a reporter received a number of complaints of Internet users, is a scam using Eslite, Jingdong, Dangdang and other electricity providers website fraud cases, and the usual patterns of fraud and Internet users online shopping mode is very similar: phone gift delivery, express door-to-door delivery, cash on delivery of


corresponds to fraud, on the other hand, the domestic Internet user data >

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