Kong Yiji adapted version of DC

      so that the pattern of IDC, and is almost the same: there are a number of computer rooms, the computer room put a lot of servers, you can always hosting server rental. The difference is that the bandwidth resources are very abundant, but the economic development is not enough, so there are a lot of bandwidth is idle. Although the configuration of the country’s highest level of line, but the room has not yet converted to the economic advantages of bandwidth. So room center as a data center backup room has a bandwidth of 20G exports, but also extremely idle bandwidth, waiting for buyers. The site, do the site, often take a few coins to buy a Baiwen, space, this is the three, more than and 4 years ago, now every 100M space as long as the one hundred text, using QQ or MSN, quickly bought on site; if willing to spend sixty, can buy a domain name or, if the sales staff talk in detail, to thousands of text, it can rent a P4 3 server, but the webmaster, is no such big T-shirt help. Only wear a shirt, only one hundred times the opening of the one hundred nets, to high-end servers, and slowly pass on several dynamic pages or other business data.

      I, from the age of twenty-one, in * (http://s.*.com) in sales, the boss said, not chat, afraid not to wait on the shirt customer, do some sales out in the living space. The T-shirt outside customers, although easy to speak, but also a lot of nagging bargain. They often try their own space, put a few site testing, and then rest assured: in this serious and under the supervision of the host space business is not good to do. So after a few days, the boss said I couldn’t do it. Thanks to the recommendation of the sensibilities of the head, not dismissed, they were changed to write articles a boring job.

      I will never be the whole day sitting in front of the computer, attending to my duties. Although there is no dereliction of duty, but always feel a bit monotonous, some boring. The boss is a fierce face, there is no good customer complain, teach people not lively; Kong Yiji only to shop, could I laugh a little, so still remember.

      Kong is both dynamic will also wear a shirt and a static web site only, but others do not know what he will do ASP program, he and I said he will ASP, ^_^. He is tall; plainer face wrinkles, often with scars; an unkempt and grizzled beard. Although the shirt is worn, but dirty and broken, it seems that more than and 10 years have not made up, did not wash. Speak to the people, always teach HMTL code, not completely understand. Because of his name from this hole, others will not completely understand words, a nickname for him, called kongyiji. Kong Yiji to the group, all the people will do all laughed at him, and some cried, "Kong Yiji, you can do dynamic website ah!" He did not answer, said to the customer service, buy a *100M business space, but also

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