Shanghai’s largest online gambling case involving more than 6 billion 600 million of the court heari

involving up to 66 more than 100 million yuan, involving 20 defendants, this morning, Shanghai since the largest amount of money involved with soccer gambling case in Putuo District people’s court held a public hearing. Since the case involves a large number of defendants and to the families of the court, the Putuo court specifically chose to work overtime on Sunday to hear the case. Putuo District people’s Procuratorate investigation, from August 2006 to May 2008, Qian Baochun, Zou Jun, et al. The use of the offshore gambling sites account, the partnership as the "Sun City", "treasure", "Clark" and other gambling sites and their agents, the development of lower level agents or members to participate in the creation of online casino gambling, just less than two years time 66, to absorb the betting million yuan, millions of dollars of illegal income. As of press time, the case is still under trial.

open online casino profit of more than 160


prosecutors said in the indictment, from August 2006 to July 2007, online gambling account the defendant Zou Jun, Qian Baochun, Liu Biqing with others to provide offshore gambling sites set up as a partnership, "Sun City", "new treasure" (also known as the "crown") and other gambling sites proxy by opening and issuing gambling account. The development of lower level agents or members to participate in the creation of online casino gambling, betting, and from the effective to obtain illegal profits by three per capita by "into" or "Royalty" means the amount of.

during this period, the defendant Qian Baochun, Zou Jun, and the development of the first of the, such as the role of the president, such as Dai, as well as the lower part of the agent or member of the Senate to participate in gambling, such as,, etc.. At the same time, to pay the wages of the form, has recruited defendant Chen Junjie, Zhou Weiming et al for the creation of online casino services, Chen Junjie is mainly responsible for the creation of gambling account for subordinate agents or membership, settlement, check the gambling account; Zhou Weiming et al and subordinate agents, mainly responsible for the transfer of gambling account.

, from November 2006 to the end of July 2007, only through the "Sun City" network to accept bets amounting to more than 60 yuan. Defendant Qian Baochun, Zou Jun, from the creation of the Sun City, the new treasure casino in the illegal income of RMB 160 yuan more than $.

addition, 2007 2, March, the defendant Qian Baochun, Zou Jun, Wen Xianglin and Tang Tongli use the "new partnership treasure", "Clark", "Sun City" and other gambling sites proxy account, gambling sites as the agent, the creation of online casino, from May 1, 2008 to June 1 during the day, only new treasure net the amount of bets amounted to 1.59 million yuan.

at the end of April 2008, the defendant Qian Baochun, Lin Xing, Liu Jun, Tang Tongli and others in partnership with the package series "Clark" gambling sites proxy account, the creation of online casino. Only from May 1, 2008 to 23, the amount of bets of up to 4.4 million yuan.

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stood in the dock, which had the "banker" summon wind and call for rain opened online gambling secret.

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