How to understand the technology of Liu Qiangdong so that technology has become the bottleneck of th

a few days ago "singles day" ended, technical summary and discussion.

micro-blog, @IT program ape released such a long micro-blog, can see the support of various technical personnel to support the shopping Carnival IT architecture and operation and maintenance of the discussion. In the United States on the programmer’s forum, hackers seem to know the first time there is also a Taobao called such a fantastic company. To a large extent, this is because they are too strange to china.



How to see

? Today (November 14th) at noon, senior vice president of Lee University mall Jingdong issued a micro-blog said: Taobao technology is deified.

will attract our technical director, before working in a Alibaba Feng Dahui Tucao:

Jingdong’s friends said that Taobao technology has been a myth, there is a myth, I see or do a thing to say a word, and the various departments are still reflection and improvement. Ali technology today’s results, or from the attention of the technical staff. In contrast to the Jingdong? Where is the status of technical personnel?

a lot of people know that although Liu Qiangdong is a sociology major, but the time to learn to write code. Jingdong created the initial IT architecture, he took up. In contrast to Ma, is utterly ignorant of. So, why half of the technical origin of Liu Qiangdong, in these years, how to make the development of technology has become a bottleneck in Jingdong

?Experts see road


last year (2011) in August, almost a problem, many people in the industry on the status quo and the reasons for the Jingdong (why Jingdong is still using.NET Architecture) has done some discussion. Several members of a similar view is: Liu Qiangdong understand the technology, but the lack of a true visionary Jingdong of CTO technology to strengthen technology from the perspective of Liu Qiangdong, so the Jingdong in the fast development of a road by the structure of its initial results, the way to.

Tianpin network CEO bear says:

Liu said his technical background, but I turned a little Liu your resume is only about 10 years ago to do some financial system and small enterprise application system, after the Internet technology and application environment of high concurrent flow, I believe that Liu has very strange. He believes that understand technology, I think it is precisely the biggest obstacle to the development of Jingdong technology has not made great progress. Is also the result of a Jingdong on the financing of the main reasons for investment logistics. In online technology capabilities and website support architecture, Jingdong to make up too much homework.

latest news is that Jingdong recently launched in the fierce research and development of the bull, probably to switch to Java architecture. In the case of such a large amount of traffic, it should be done before 2010, and now it has been quite late.


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