Today’s Web2.0 logo website promotion practices


SEO includes numerous jobs, but like other industries, there are a few work is fatal. Can you grasp the key factors, the impact on your SEO effect is very large. Either double or more. On the whole, the influence factors of SEO can be divided into internal and external optimization.

if the site content is not much, a small and medium enterprise website, the station optimization work day is enough to complete. Leave the rest of the work to the editor. If the editors do well: focus on the field of bold, chain or chain in place and, in the long run the website ranking greatly influence. Editing is the strength to live, need a long stick, days and months multiplying labor. Although some sites look ugly interface, and the structure of the use of a large number of table nesting, the use of SEO theory, the ranking should not be good. But many cases prove that such sites can also have a good ranking. WHY? There is no universal theory, SEO is the same.

such sites can be ranked in front, the most important thing is that there are a large number of the chain, or the quality of the chain. A lot of quality or the chain for SEO is a resource. Because the station optimization, such as: modify the server, modify the site, modify the content of the web page itself can grasp; but in other people’s Web site to join your own links you can’t grasp.

remember the previous English SEO game? Ranked in the first site nothing special, only in a short period of time to increase the thousands of the chain. Of course, it is worth reminding that if the new sharp increase the number of the chain of words in a short period of time, it is easy to be search engine punishment, this degree still need to take advantage of, so SEO more than 80% of the work is done in the link, or the station outside the station. Make full use of the free resources on the network, for their own links, do well, there is a good ranking. Are you looking for resources? That’s the most important thing about SEO.

online website promotion methods are many, but most are relatively old, still stay in the era of Internet web1.0. With the concept of Web2.0 and the application of popular support, the website should also be a way to promote metabolism.

1 search engine optimization, such as Baidu, Google, Yahoo, etc.;

2 BSP free blog, such as WordPress system, Sina blog, etc. (message + Reprint)

3 professional personal / corporate blog (original, resource download, writing, soft, word of mouth marketing)

4 Feed promotion, news collection RSS, such as FEEDSKY, Zhou Botong RSS (blog search);

5 network promotion, such as delicious, Baidu and 365key;

6 Digg class promotion, such as,, etc.;


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