Quality inspection administration interviewed electricity supplier to stop selling prohibited animal

central broadcasting network Beijing on August 28th news (reporter Shen Jingwen) the state quality inspection administration Press Office official Chen Xi with today at a regular press conference, urged the major domestic e-commerce enterprises to stop selling to prohibit the entry of animals and plants and their products.

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China previously reported, Taobao Juhuasuan network sale to Germany in six crabs, 199 yuan to 299 yuan price attracted more than 30 thousand people booking. But the State Quality Inspection Administration of animal and plant quarantine supervision department official said that at present, national quality inspection administration did not receive formal German official application, also did not receive the quarantine permit enterprises to import "Germany crabs" application. "German hairy" had never allowed to be imported to Chinese. Without legal access and Quarantine of Germany’s "hairy" there are many risks, the blind introduction or eating may cause danger to the health of consumers and the environment.

Chen Xi with today reiterated that the quality inspection bureau has interviews with the main domestic e-commerce enterprises, highlighting the problems found in the process of pre notification supervision, require strict compliance with national laws and regulations, to avoid economic losses and safety hazards to the country and the people.

at present, "People’s Republic of China pets, animals and plants and their products mailed list" expressly prohibited and mailed 16 kinds of animals and plants there are 10 types of products in the domestic e-commerce platform for public sale. In 2012, the port inspection and quarantine agencies from the entry post intercepted 15 thousand batches of objects prohibited from entering the country, an increase of 43.1%, in the period of detection of 1361 kinds of pests, an increase of 26.6%.

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