Baidu arts network formally launched on April 22nd

April 22nd morning 11 points, Qiyi network ( officially announced on the line, and to "Qiyi, here we come!" such as video clips introduced Qiyi network from the preparation to the beta, and cancel the whole process of the conference.

on the afternoon of April 20th, the odd arts network through micro-blog, said in view of the April 21st national mourning activities, decided to cancel the 21 conference activities. At the same time, the network of arts into the second phase of the test activities also in April 21st at 0 – – 24 stop, and launched the first video program, public interest feature film "Yushu strong – Qinghai, we and you together".

March 29, 2010, Qi Yi announced the online version of the beta. April 19th at 4 pm, into the second stage, allowing users to have odd art test account by e-mail to invite ordinary users to log on to the site. (end)






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