Adsense network broadcast nternet giant Google was M & a what is the loan treasure

1 from today, Google is no longer the company you know  


Google co-founder Larry · Paige announced on the official blog, Google company will restructure: Google will become a similar group of enterprises with the same name, the new company will be called Alphabet, and Google company will be responsible for Internet services under Alphabet.

said, the original Google’s Internet business will still belong to the new Google, such as YouTube and Android; and Google’s original and not how the Internet related businesses, such as Calico, Google (life Engineering), Ventures Google X will return to the new Alphabet’s.

2 WeChat red gambling phenomenon survey: it was issued half a year of $about 1000000 red envelopes  

days ago, serious cases of Zhejiang Taizhou police cracked the first gambling with WeChat on behalf of red in the form of. Involving more than 300 people, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Henan, Jiangsu, Fujian and other provinces and cities in more than 10, a total of more than 10 million yuan involved in gambling.

‘s survey found that in the guise of online gambling to grab red, red group the number of tens to hundreds of people, more and more large amounts of red, one on the first half of about 1000000 yuan a red envelope. Red group need to pay a deposit guarantee, to join the introducer. The main tap profit group red deduct a certain percentage of rolled into the so-called progressive, in fact most of "bonus" into the pockets of the main group.

3 the Ministry of culture, pull black, the first 120 network pornographic violence song  

yesterday, the Ministry of culture released the results of the investigation of the recent violations of cultural products, a total of 120 online music products were blacklisted, requiring the focus on the shelf.

refused to be severely punished under the framework of

Ministry of culture, the relevant responsible person said, pull black song for the reasons involved obscene, violent, pornographic content, according to the relevant provisions of the future of any unit and individual shall not be provided, otherwise it will be investigated according to law.

4.58: eat completely market indirectly through mutual funds to acquire the remaining shares of

with 58 city and go to the market has entered a substantive stage, the market entry of 58 city founder Yang Haoyong served as co chairman and CO CEO, 58 city official obscure issued a message: 58 city acquired the remaining equity market indirectly.

announcement shows that 58 city in the near future to some private

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