A number of BT sites shut down or rectification deduction seventy-two changes

in BT China was shut down, the newspaper had done on some of the BT site was shut down or rectification reports, which referred to the long bird forum rectification. After a lapse of more than half a month later, the reader said that the call is still able to download the latest version of the film produced by the birds. Therefore, we also pay special attention to those who want to turn gorgeous B T video sites are now the situation.


got union to cancel the download area

BT in China after being shut down, the domestic high-definition Blu ray movie download station C H D Union announced that it would stop providing download source. Currently connected to the CH D alliance, you can see the forum has now refused to register new users. In addition, if the tourists visit the front page, you can see the current C H D alliance download area has disappeared, only some of the Blu ray high-definition technology and equipment of the discussion, however, there is still a "HD movie downloads" website name in the comment.

bird on changing the shield download post

according to the timetable for rectification bird given BT Chinese was shut down after it had been blocked, should stop all the thunder, SkyDrive, express and BT video download, then it will also shield these tools download original video on demand. Log in to the bird’s home page, you can see the forum still has all kinds of movie download plate, but all kinds of original film. Prior to the existence of various tools and post plate has disappeared. However, the reporter noted that the forum at the top of the subtitle group application area is still a user in the application to join.

Eden to enable the new domain name and change the name

BT in the shutting down of the storm, the garden of Eden is often mentioned but a site is always vague. As dedicated to the compression of foreign drama production, subtitle translation of a site, the garden of Eden in the influence of many users as much as BT china. As early as March last year, SARFT issued a notice to criticize some of the video site without a license, which is the garden of eden. But then, Eden decisively opened a new domain name, and the station name also changed to "foreign exchange series Eden station", which have affected the well-known station in December, it has been quietly running.

VeryCD is applying for a license

was shut down at BT China, the most delicate situation is our absolute leader – V download station eryCD, which has a number of rumors under the knife is the station, or even say with certainty. In the meantime, because the server failure V eryCD stop for a day, also caused a panic in the user, and even a lot of users adapted a lot of poetry mourning it.

but the V eryCD is still as normal as usual, but according to the person in charge of the interview, V eryCD on the one hand is applying for a license, on the other hand has also begun and some copyright >

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