Domain name transaction interpretation companies are looking at what.CN domain name

July, the domestic domain name registration is stable, no big fluctuations, total domain growth is not obvious, the.Com domain name is still a large market share,.Net,.Org,.Cn and other suffixes have grown, the most noteworthy is the CN domain name in July, the number of domestic transactions increased significantly, including Pinyin, digital and creative, domain name.Cn suffix have trading case, below, we come together to focus on the July.Cn dynamic domain name transaction.


figure: recent CN domain name transaction

From the picture can be seen on the

in July to only two CN suffix Pinyin domain name transactions, Chinese entertainment entertainment network bought double spell domain name, Huajian Group acquired the "Huarong" the domain name, in addition, three in the domestic English domain has attracted more attention this month, BBK was the first to buy mobile phone products domain name for the new product line to do. Prepared in advance, another is mobile phone manufacturers purchase case, OPPO company bought, Near Me "near me, close to me", the domain name registration in June 2005.

in addition, overseas footwear website also laicourenao, renamed China commissioned intermediary platform bought, where overseas platform has won the China features.Cn suffix domain name to enter the market? Chinese? domain name registered in July 2008, moreover, there is a concern for the domain name, the domain name system minon strong ah transfer to buy Beijing Houde Siyuan education institutions.

foreign enterprises in Chinese market tend to "do", will choose Chinese easy to be recognized consumer acceptance of CN domain name, the United States Chinese Tyco Electronics web enabled short domain name, or the future may buy another CN domain, CN domain name suffix recently, digital transactions only one, agricultural people to buy the domain name 191bbs, independent of the domain name and enable the launch of the new agricultural platform.


domain name on its creative transactions up to Xiamen for a long time my handicraft company bought and to rice farmers, these two domains are the cost of 60 thousand yuan purchase price, in addition, the recent hot topic is the Shenzhen Universiade, seems to take the hot period, the Shenzhen Universiade and the "fire", bought CN domain name the current domain name as Shenzhen Universiade website domain name application domain, also felt the Shenzhen Universiade lively.

July the industry’s most concerned about the two domain name registration Events Department of Tencent and Baidu, July, Tencent launched a small Q robot, and the first to register more than one CN robot and domain name, domain name, Baidu is more generous, for Baidu talent platform > new domain

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