Without the mask exposure micro circle of friends taking false myth of wealth has been punctured

is not cooked, what is the way out of


"three noes" mask exposure, false myth of wealth has been punctured by the derivative demonized to expand, the key is whether the "cooked" out of the circle of friends

Zhao Chenting

"do not think you talk about skin care, are trying to earn your money. In fact, the face is yours, the spot is yours, wrinkles are yours……"

this is a typical mask micro business marketing copy. Write really good, but can not afford to circle of friends every day, friends are really tired.

but Wang Ke (a pseudonym) also no way. The brain hole wide open, copy, and not her original, since the micro business, "what cheeky, not shy are forced out." Wang Ke, who used to speak in the past, is not afraid of being pulled out.

, like most micro dealers, Wang Ke also started from the mask. But Wang Ke’s cleverness is that she thinks the mask is just the beginning. 3 months ago, Wang Ke decided not to sell the mask, the transformation to do micro business purchasing.

Micro business survival

Wang Ke, confirms this circle embarrassed way: "three noes" mask exposure, false myth of wealth has been punctured after taking the micro demonize still find a way to survive the most appropriate.

micro quotient mask just started

Mask business

Wang Ke, also began when the circle of friends hot ten year old beauty, Grampian mask.

at that time, Wang Ke every day to update a lot of circle of friends, mostly in the show products.

in product marketing, in addition to show a few mask product map, no less micro business chicken body". "Don’t ask me how much I can earn. When you ask this question, your mind is still in the stage of working for others. I’m just your warehouse."

these words Wang Ke now already very much at home, but she had not.

Wang Ke micro business began very casual. The beginning is to see her before buying a Taobao shop owner in the circle of friends to open the shop, this approach looks very easy, do not have to take care of, as long as the circle of friends in a hair state can be.

then from a friend to get the goods, Wang Ke began life shuabing. However, every day in the circle of friends inside a pile of product information is the result, a lot of friends are shielding themselves. Friends who are too tired to pull the black, the next thing is to shield their dynamic information."

even so, Wang Ke still remain in the circle of friends Shuabing state. From time to time to update the chicken body seems to be the most direct response after being friends black, do not complain about your circle of friends are micro business, it means that your friends are very motivated. If you are still laughing at others doing micro business, 5 years later, you will regret it, as no one was optimistic about Ma [micro-blog] the same!

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