Grassroots webmaster’s first love memories life was like this

posted before or first introduce myself, my name is Yang Yong, Zunyi Yuqing people, the employment in Meitan Xinyi computer occupation school

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our home in rural areas, home poor, and she knew in September in 04 years, she was born because of not admitted to their ideal schools, so stay with, maybe God arrange it, let her meet me at that time, my math is poor, perhaps because everyone is a in the town, so there are a lot of common language in the beginning know every day, like a lot of words not finished, however we should spend more time on study, three learning really nervous, after some time get along with everyone on the other with the feeling, but there is no say too understand, so calm after a semester, during the holidays we often contact, finally opened, the time of learning more tightly, on March 28th because of something inside me home, said Good telephone contact, after returning home, I gave him a call is to ask what to do things like today, when to hang up the phone I want to speak my mind, I took a deep breath, and said to her XXX I love you can give me a chance? He did not speak, then my heart inside thought I might say, I used a felt wrong tone said to her, just feel shy… What did she say, YY (all she told me so) I hope you good to me! I laughed so much fun, we again some time she hung up, too late, the hang up the phone, ten minutes later he called me and asked me what’s wrong with him? She said I want you, and cried, I asked why, he said that in fact I love you for a long time. Gao Xingzhong….

let’s blow for more than two hours I put forward to hang up the phone, because I think everyone inside the home is not how rich, money is not call back tomorrow and he said the school together enough, just want us to be together, then through our efforts we were admitted to the University, here through our efforts together because he helped me in mathematics, we offer the same school but the notice is not the same, he is in the west of the city and the university I is in the east of the city, I will find him in the past every week, with him. Go to the park to go shopping together, we do not say that in no words together, perhaps is because God gives us too much, later found in the back, go to the next semester in the third week of March, I went to see him, that is To the distance and I feel but far a lot, I talk to him is indifferent! At that time my heart is very uncomfortable! He said he is in a bad mood that I don’t ask, is the fourth week of March and before I went to see him, but give me the letter.

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