Creative products in time to buy the site in the European market earn special earn



‘s creative product sales limited snapped up the site in the first anniversary of their European debut, released a number of data in europe. currently has 24 countries in Europe to carry out business, users also increased from 2012 to the current 150 thousand of the people of the 3 million 500 thousand. Perhaps the European cultural atmosphere will have a preference for product design, has achieved great success in continental Europe, the sales accounted for 30% of the global total can be regarded as one of the American Internet companies to enter the European market the most successful case.

After the won $8 million investment in 2011 July A round of financing (again in July 2012 to get $105 million C round of financing), development has been very rapid and strong profitability, it is said in the creation of a month or so, it has the ability to profit $about 1300000. the customer retention rate is very high, they always choose some very pleasant love and creative products on the site, including kites, bicycles, speakers, maps and so on, and it is said that sales of the products turned out to be the hottest outdoor planter.

and also pay attention to keep up with the rhythm of the mobile Internet, and now they have 30% of the sales from the mobile terminal.



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