Recruitment O2O platform hunting for $20 million financing Sequoia collar investment

news November 20th, Internet hunting online recruitment websites today announced $20 million financing, this round of financing by the lead investor Sequoia IDG with investment in April this year, the Internet was hunting IDG and millions of dollars CRE capital investment.

Internet hunting was founded in 2012, claims to provide a standard platform operation process, to build a credit system, change the industry uneven situation, relying on the database at the same time, to provide jobs for the homogenization of headhunting, enhance the search unit of output.

according to IDC statistics, from 2012 to 2015, China recruitment services market CAGR will reach 17%, is expected in 2015 the market size will reach RMB 75 billion 900 million. Recruitment market share is huge, but most of the domestic Internet recruitment stems from the imitation of foreign mature model, the lack of a unique business model.

hunting online CEO Xin Xiaodie said, in the recruitment of high-end market, fast and accurate, the fine service gap is huge, the cost of traditional headhunting companies, emerging Internet companies can not meet the recruitment needs of enterprises accurately in the high-end market. Surfing the Internet is to seize this pain point, the use of platform to connect employers and headhunters, and the introduction of the results for the recruitment model.

hunting the Internet will create a set of objective evaluation system, search for someone quickly unhappy, not allowed to be a person is not allowed to say, but by the real evaluation of the generation of transaction data."

Xin Xiaodie said that the accumulation of real data can form a headhunting rating credit system, and thus promote the standardization of the entire search industry, the formation of healthy development. Hunting the Internet also wants to build a warm headhunting home for the country’s headhunters".

Sequoia Capital managing director Wang Cen said that in the end position is still a long time China trading in both enterprise HR and headhunting, to optimize the workflow platform for both sides, the depth of services, by selling information to sell services. Need to really understand the needs of both sides of the people, I hope the Internet can be combined with the traditional headhunting learning progress.

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