The whole process of a rapid rise and rapid decline of the nternet Co

The whole process of

a Internet Co, the rapid rise of rapid decline, read "who stole the MySpace: social network change the crazy world of"

"who stole MySpace"

subtitle: by social networks change the crazy world of


(U.S.) Girvin ang

translator: Lv Jingjiao

Publishing House: CITIC publishing house

publishing time: 2011-01

MySpace why defeat to Facebook? The future of social networks and entrepreneurship where? How to avoid failure, how to copy, copycat specialist website how to build the system architecture, how to improve the garbage upgrading, product manager how to make cool application and market manager how to promotion of the ground

who stole the MySpace

/ Julia Girvin ang

and Google, YAHOO is different, MySpace the new site is not the center of the technology, but human creativity. In other words, MySpace is a Hollywood media enterprise, here, people have the enthusiasm and creativity to stage the audience, no one knows the outcome is success or failure.

on Friday afternoon, August 15, 2003, MySpace officially founded. At the beginning of the establishment, MySpace imitated many similar websites, their innovation is not much. Prior to the creation of MySpace, Germany Wolf’s expertise is to send spam, Anderson is responsible for a porn site.

March 2004, MySpace in terms of the number of visits to the site before the Friendster, the largest social networking sites.

Internet itself defects


several MySpace on the rape of Connecticut state attorney general Richard Blumenthal be furious, he is a tough prosecutor.

found MySpace login MySpace Blumenthal, users of both children and adults, as long as the registration in the tab "sexualism" column hook, you can easily find sexual partners. Here, our children can join the disaster caused by flooding water almost, adult chat area, adults and children are lying in age or any other information is false. MySpace has never come up with the slightest effort to prove the authenticity of the user registration age.

this is a shock to Blumenthal. In February 2nd, he issued a press release that, due to the MySpace to provide minors with access to pornography and other children are not suitable for the convenience of the information, the prosecution will immediately investigate the MySpace.


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