Daily topic today’s headlines $500 million valuation is behind the news of employment or infringemen

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 5th news, this week’s hottest news than the information class APP today’s headlines to get $one hundred million financing. And most of this discussion is a content of APP was valued at $500 million is too high on the issue of copyright is also discussed.

2012 of August just now on the line today’s headlines so high valuation, making its CEO Zhang Yiming became a billionaire. On today’s headlines, Zhang Yiming introduced, compared with the traditional portal APP, its positioning is only the content distributor, not content producers. Today’s headlines there is a feature, that is, the user browsing habits, interests in the direction of memory, that is, through a unique set of algorithms, access to the user’s interest in the classification, and to push the user related content.

Behind today’s headlines relying on a set of

recommendation engine, the user is logged in, using micro-blog QQ account system, the machine algorithm will determine the user with the keyword elements such as hobbies, from all over the web content, and realize the news, blog, question and answer the pan media content of recommendation. By virtue of this unique skill is recommended, which today’s headlines a year ago unknown startups, has been leading the development of the industry benchmark, and by the pursuit of capital. From Zhang Yiming’s figures: today’s headlines currently download activated 120 million users, more than 13 million active users, monthly active users by 40 million.

today’s headlines as a mobile APP client software, is not the creator of the content itself, but as well as finishing and forwarding the day’s headlines famous. In the field of copyright law, forward the work of others should pay, which is well known in legal knowledge, but this software has no respect for the rights of copyright holders at least? Today’s headlines slogan is "we do not produce news, we are news Porter, but in fact, its handling is not only news. Is the copyright. The so-called news Porter, conceals the facts of infringement.

although today’s headlines in the form of content release compared with other clients, there is a certain degree of particularity, many of its links to other sites in the form of content, rather than directly reproduced other works. Today’s headlines ignore copyright defense, it is also said that they belong to the link search approach, rather than copy paste approach. However, this way of publishing news information not only can not form an effective defense, but also a typical tort.

for the traditional portal, today’s headlines and the rise of lightning is an alien forces spoiler classic business case, a no media background of entrepreneurs, only one year on the roll change, become the media to the whole media industry upstart, which brought many new thoughts, especially the the recommendation engine distribution of news and information in innovative ways, what will the media industry, especially the impact to the content of the mode of production, this is a worthy of long-term concern.

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