Webmaster daily broadcast Dangdang settled Tmall millet was challenged

1, Dangdang officially settled Tmall flagship book category

October 30th noon news, dangdang.com announced today that its books, daily two categories today officially settled Tmall flagship store mode.

it is understood that Dangdang settled in about 300000 categories of goods, including the book category and the department store category of the 800 thousand. Dangdang website will be synchronized outside the commodity price. In addition, dangdang.com of cash on delivery, and the next day to return other services will also be implemented in the Tmall flagship store. Dangdang Tmall flagship store has entered the store, shop decoration and other trial operation phase.

industry insiders believe that Dangdang stationed Tmall can reduce marketing costs. As for Tmall, you can make use of the flow to improve the incremental platform capacity.

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Dangdang settled in Tmall electricity supplier and then lift the integration trend

2, millet after a lapse of two months and a half of the sale of a small number of high price was challenged

October 30th morning news, with the release of the conference in August 16th separated by two and a half months, millet 2 mobile phone today at the limit of the sale of 50 thousand. The official said that the mobile phone has all in 2 minutes 51 seconds looted.

millet 2 first wholesale sales of only 50 thousand units, more users can only continue to wait until mid November for the second round of 250 thousand units sold, plus 1 weeks delivery period, which means that at the beginning of the December to really get to the mobile phone, and then on the market mainstream mobile phone price may be reduced.

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3, dangdang.com internal e-mail leaked by netizens crazy pass a list of clothing

day before micro-blog users get a letter from the internal mail dangdang.com caused many online shopping enthusiasts attention, which disclosed the dangdang.com in anniversary during the month part of the profits clothing goods, all goods are in a negative gross margin of sales, and sales during the year on the biggest commodity price compared to the purchase price discount in more than 40 percent off. From the mail content, 20 pieces of goods not only a listed in the message, there will be 500 pieces of goods involved in the actual loss of profits.

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4, Jiangnan Style clicks or up to 1 billion: YouTube earned only $50 thousand

market research firm ChannelMeter expects South Korea song "Gangnam Style" video will reach 1 billion in December on YouTube, but engineers Amar · Pulabu (Amar Prabhu) in "Forbes" magazine wrote, "

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