Dongguan network promotion strategy

at this stage, the market competition in various industries is becoming saturated, how to achieve the lowest cost of the enterprise to obtain the greatest visibility, is responsible for every enterprise in urgent need to solve the problem. Traditional newspapers, television, flat and other means of promotion tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of investment, is not generally small businesses can bear. Therefore, small and medium enterprises need to promote the Internet on the internet. The majority of small businesses whose customers are generally concentrated in a particular city or region. So I took the title of this article for Dongguan network promotion (site promotion strategy), its purpose is and you talk about small and medium enterprises in the region in the concrete implementation of network promotion strategy, using the enterprise website for publicity carrier, is divided into four steps to describe the specific implementation strategy of Dongguan website promotion. These four steps are: pre planning, network construction methods, effect evaluation, maintenance and correction.

the first step: pre planning, at this stage, we have to solve two problems. As described below:

1, the company’s products or services in the local market demand?

answer: there will be a market demand, this is very simple. How do you know the information you need to collect data and statistics. Through the search engine to search the major trading platform data, the most popular of the local community, the local supply and demand information, offline marketing and other aspects of the investigation data were collected for statistical analysis effectively, make the right judgments.

2, the company’s potential customers, to understand the business window where?

answers: most of the small and medium-sized enterprises at the beginning of the building is a house in the dark. How to let potential customers find the existence of the enterprise, the key to the enterprise for customers in the window position lit a few lights. Therefore, enterprises must solve the problem that the window over there? We all know, the entrance of the Internet search engine, the vast majority of people use the Internet for information is the search engine, the most visited is the major portals. Enterprise supply and demand information are concentrated in some large BtoB e-commerce sites (such as: Alibaba, HC, etc.) the sale of goods are personal to some large BtoC or CtoC website (such as: buy network,, etc.), and various professional websites (such as: all kinds of chemical building materials, training website, website some websites and online forum can amass a lot of popularity), the most popular local web sites etc.. These are the companies to promote the use of the network window, you light up the lights for these windows, of course, the more the window, the company will certainly be greater exposure rate, this is easy to understand.

second steps: network construction method, refers to the site in the design of the formation process in line with the requirements of network promotion.

enterprises to promote the most important network is the enterprise website publicity. Web site is in line with the basic needs of network promotion, a direct impact on the promotion of enterprise

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