Free to help companies do video program Star Station TV completed A round of financing

if you are a fan of football, you may know the "big ball of gold and pearl beads" this program. 36 krypton reported satellite TV is another gold pearl and her partner Alan together to do a self media incubator company, recently completed several million yuan A round of financing, by matrix partners, DT Capital investment.

a summary of the star station business, that is, free of demand for the production of customized video programs.

satellite TV model is this: a large number of production and demand of video programs or Master enterprise cooperation, enterprises provide the main content and material needs, TV satellite station is responsible for planning, filming, production and distribution in each video channel. Although free, but the program’s copyright is in the hands of the Star Station TV, and the Star Station TV business model is also on the copyright. Pearl gold said, rely on program advertising into the program copyright sales, the company has made a profit from September last year to achieve.

The key to this model in

is if the cost of control is large enough. Star Station TV is currently focused on the construction of a service system, so that companies and enterprises from the docking needs, to the production, can achieve industrial production line. For example, in the content, they are in different forms of programs (talk show, film etc.) the contents of a similar template specification, ensure the quality of program content can produce enough, and expression is completely conforms to the Internet context at a low enough cost.

Star Station TV can do a program requires only 1 – 2 people to fully responsible. In the shooting process, after the preparation of the contents of the early, they can basically shoot a day enough to use more than 6 programs to use the material to the frequency of the week to use a month and a half.

Star Station TV has been on the line program has 17 stalls, covering financial management, education, fashion, the two dimension, love, constellation, etc.. The company has only 30 full-time employees and interns, and gold beads mentioned "the workload is not very saturated".

there is a problem, the Star Station TV model of industrial production line mode, the quality of the product can only be qualified. For example, they under the program "the commencement of maternal mother house", "financial financial programs to Ivan", look down you will find it is similar in the form of flight will not exceed 1-2. But since last year, the quality of video content has become more and more, the content of the Star Station TV output to the user’s appeal is big enough?

gold beads think they do not want to attract users of video content from the quality, but the function of. So when they choose to cooperate with the enterprise, will also consider whether the other side in the vertical field is sufficient audience base, and whether it can provide enough good content.

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