The yellow website made a splash in the global marketing case also won the Golden Lion Award for mar

France Qing color site, recently made a sensation in the global marketing case – Handsoff". If you want to see for free, you have to hold the QS and PL4 keys at the same time, so it’s a lot of trouble, but there are still a lot of people do it, also sent to the Internet, detonated the whole city!

first note, Marc Dorcel France Qing NO.1 color site, the main revenue of course, by watching the charges, but it has recently made a sensation in the global marketing case!

generally speaking, foreign Qing color website is to rely on the charges, and China is not the same, are poor user experience advertising.


if the charges are that how to do marketing will promote the user fees? LowB



it is free of charge!!! Free of charge but also to promote consumption?

listen to me explain


recently it made a call #Handsoff# marketing activities, handsoff, of course, is the meaning of the hand, then it is how to take the law?


you can watch it for free, but you must hold down the QS and PL4 keys at the same time, as shown above, you have to hold down 2 hands to hold down!

as long as you can hold down the 4 keys, you can continue to free look!

but you know! Look at this kind of film, who keeps his hands on the keyboard?

Oh, a lot of people simply pay well, so a Kung Fu who suffer


do you think it’s so simple to drive the bottom line of human nature to promote trading?

this is just a point.

with the important thing is that it contains a strong social attributes!

don’t understand?

look at the following pictures!

everyone will be scrambling to expose their own keyboard skills in social media.

how to show off their own hands and can see the film!





: no!


such social attributes, what are the changes brought about by


took the hot head off! The major site of


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