A push wiki website how to operate promotion

these days, more and more friends to participate in the site diagnosis, so after the point will be more and more wonderful time today): bring you a wiki websites case.

landlord questions: first talk about a Wikipedia website (http://s.wikibaike.com), see the name to know is a wiki class website, website to make the largest Chinese encyclopedia website, everyone can edit and maintenance, like the Wikipedia www.wikipedia.org, but domestic mature should be regarded as the Baidu encyclopedia and interactive online, to want to do should be how to operate, how to grasp the source of content, arouse the enthusiasm of the users should do more effective? Now the site is not perfect, please push you to guide ~~

forum website diagnosis

small sharks: wiki sites before class paid attention to, and also discussed. Finally, we conclude that some foreign good things, not necessarily applicable to the country. A wiki is successful in foreign countries, there are a lot of reasons. But it is a little difficult, because the cultural differences between East and West are too big. For example, Westerners love research, sharing, learning to love, love yourself more seriously to learn new knowledge. But the Chinese are obviously different from foreigners in these respects. At least in terms of Internet applications, has not yet reached this schedule, the majority of people with entertainment based. Wiki feel want to have good development, but also much more innovation, the existing wiki website is too monotonous, lack of interaction, the lack of long-term keep things stick performance.

seventh movement: small sharks said is right, the current form of Wiki for domestic SNS that is far less than in the local application, the Chinese netizen quality remains to be improved, although the wiki has been introduced to China for many years, but our users’ awareness is not in place, the market can develop slowly over. I believe in the near future, with the domestic Internet users to upgrade the quality of your wiki site will get better.

Some generalizations of

, can learn from the interactive online, they mainly targeted user groups or college students, but also spread among college students, since that interactive online users in the culture, culture China users of this huge user group.

When we

users tend to be more and more intellectual time, opportunity should be the development of wiki.

Li Yuanchuang: since it is Wikipedia, feel should be the main content in a prominent position, you put some encyclopedia on the bottom, let people feel the first is an information station, unlike Wikipedia station, your station do not build, point into the article, would not return to the home page, the need to continue in kazakhstan. Your station is only rich in content, in order to be able to compete with the teaching of large peers, such as Baidu, search for the eldest brother, naturally what is the first, the competition is very serious.

secret elderly: my view and two or more is the same, I think before you do this site must check the view of the situation of.

1, domestic environment

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