2009 Southern nternet Conference held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on June 28th

                network owners admin5.com6 29   news, to expand trade investment promotion optimization of talent "as the theme of the first Chinese Fair Organizing Committee organized the" 2009 South Station conference at the Shenzhen International Exhibition Center in June 28, 2009, the purpose is to care about the webmaster the survival and development, to build a communication platform for the webmaster friends, more than 300 owners from around the country to participate in the meeting.

the conference to share, cooperation, win-win "as the theme, the meeting will be divided into three sections: webmaster thinking innovation on the topic discussion, topic discussion, SNS community network game topic discussion, webmaster experience exchange. The conference also invited the "Chinese Internet history" author Lin Jun, HUAWEI Aini, 52PK game white-collar community fierce snake king CEO Zhou Qiao chaired, director Huang Benxue, Ai Ruihua, chief representative of thunder strategic cooperation five fear, capital sonhwa Zhang Chunhui and other guests attended the meeting, Hansen information, celestial media companies such as the Internet. Military figures also attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech.

  laggards community owners Dong Qinfeng, stationmaster net founder Zhang Zhengjun, Guo Jijun, 55la and other fast allusion net webmaster Cai Liwen, old K, Tesco’s Yanhuang network game network 078, Zhu Hai Yun, spring, e-businessmen, P. a city network Yang Yun and other famous owners opt to extend to the webmaster, around the "thinking innovation, management a vertical type SNS site, professional game future applications and how to develop, how to face the fierce market challenges, how to understand the VC of Internet investment ideas and other topics of intense discussion, further accelerate the core competitiveness of the South station. The meeting will represent the status quo and characteristics of the development of the southern site, representing the Southern Station on the Internet trend forecast, as well as VC institutions on the south of the Internet and recognition.

  small game network CEO Guo Haibin participate in this conference

Zhang Zhiqiang, CEO of

cnzz and the webmaster of the original cordial exchange

host announced the 2009 China Internet Southern conference began

  interactive dialogue: Master of creative thinking from left to right, Lin Jun (chair), Dong Qinfeng (to swimming fish) and Zhang Zhiqiang, Wang, Huang Benxue


  webmaster network founder Wang at the general assembly site

  the host

  general manager of Yesky Qi Zhenghui keynote speech


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