The battle of midfield inventory selling water than gold will make money

eleven National Day holiday, "11· 11" singles day, almost every month a pretext to allow electricity providers launched the war, the current electricity supplier began to preheat the Christmas wars.

19 billion 100 million, which is the day of November 11th, Tmall and Taobao to complete the total transaction. But this is not all the economic value of the electricity supplier war driven – a lot of hiding behind the big promotion of electricity providers, fishing tickets, electricity supplier service industry, perhaps the value of creating a larger number. Electricity supplier war has created a huge ecosystem, which is similar to Apple’s ecosystem orchard.

this year ‘double eleven’ Eve, we took more than 6000 sets of clothes, invited nearly 30 models." Guangzhou Monday Photography Design Co. Ltd. director Qiao Junhao told the "First Financial Daily" reporter, from 2008 began to get involved in the electricity supplier visual design, on the eve of each electricity supplier war, his team will take many large orders. When the peak, take 300~400 sets of clothes every day, an average of each clothes to spend seven or eight minutes, three or four teams took to end." According to Qiao Junhao introduction, in 2008, accounting for the company’s overall revenue accounted for less than 30%, but so far this year, the proportion has reached 60%.

insiders pointed out that big advertising, frequent price war, so that the electricity supplier in the burn will die, do not burn vicious spiral die faster. ".

, it is no exaggeration to say that the average site voted 1 to Baidu’s $2, brought to me the most of the 1 customers can only produce a few cents profit, and then have to earn money back to advertising and logistics." An independent operation of the electronic business platform, said the person in charge.

therefore, each electricity supplier war huge amount of trade and can not conceal the fact that electricity providers do not make money, in contrast, the electricity supplier around the industry, will earn a higher profit.

yeah, millions of advertising (madhouse), MediaV and a series of A new force suddenly rises. advertising and marketing company, explains the Nuggets did not hide behind the quasi profit model more clearly.

"The rise of mobile phone

of every guest, thanks to the support of partners." In 2012 the global mobile Internet Conference, all passengers aged CEO this section of speech let Jesus go off to the industry.

October 2010, the electricity supplier in the online shopping platform in the mobile client’s online shopping platform, which makes the founder of the guest of Zhang Zhijian saw a good phone business electricity supplier. In January 2011, where the customer’s mobile client in Android and apple market synchronized on-line. At the beginning of 2012, we announced the mobile phone terminal WAP station on the PV and customer contribution break 10 million, total sales of 10% orders for customers.

Zhang Zhijian repeatedly stressed that the customer is not only to provide technology, but to provide customers with more value-added services to enhance the value of its electricity supplier service providers.

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