Taxi software burn burn out didi cannot log on fast slow arrival

original title: it is difficult to single, slow taxi software is now a mess

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia, Zhang Huimin) taxi software subsidy war and then upgrade, taxi starting price can be free. Didi and quick taxi taxi yesterday has announced the upgrade again every single reduction amount. In the majority of passengers and brother dance for joy at the same time, yesterday, a taxi software market a bit chaotic: many users reflected didi taxi fail to reflect the order, some brother fast taxi arrival is too slow, not timely arrival check payments. In addition, the calculation, the two sides claimed to have reached 1 billion 900 million yuan subsidy.

taxi starting price basic free

didi taxi, fast taxi fight fire began to focus on the "National People’s taxi. Yesterday, Didi taxi announced that from February 18th onwards, passengers use didi taxi and WeChat payment, each can be randomly obtained from 12 yuan to $20 subsidy, 3 times a day. Quick taxi to comply with the "never more than 1 yuan commitment in the afternoon announced that from the beginning of February 18th 15, with a quick taxi and use Alipay pay per relief to passengers at least 13 yuan, 2 times a day.

to Beijing taxi starting price of 3 yuan to calculate the amount of 13 yuan, the use of didi taxi and fast taxi users basically can enjoy the starting price free discount.

prior to February 17th, the original subsidy has been reduced to 5 yuan didi taxi suddenly said it will open the third round of marketing activities, the amount of subsidies restored to $10. On the same day, a quick taxi and Alipay announced follow-up: never more than a dollar counterparts, will be raised to 11 yuan reward.

in order to show beyond the opponent’s sincerity, fast in the subsequent also said that the daily free single quota increased to 15000. Prior to both sides of the free amount are 10000.

according to the official disclosure of didi taxi two data, the amount of the first round of marketing activities in the amount of 400 million yuan, this round is $1 billion. Fast and Alipay, only in January 21st, announced an additional investment of 500 million yuan. According to this calculation, the two sides claimed that the total subsidy has reached 1 billion 900 million yuan.

for the two fall over each other "subsidy race", yesterday, friends shouted, go take a taxi, the starting price of free


didi is now fast to slow down to

yesterday morning, many users reflect, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places have didi taxi page is difficult to enter, can not be accurately positioned, or pay the page Jump difficult. Similarly, the fast payment link is not stable.

didi taxi official said that this is due to the new preferential policies to attract a lot of users in the short term caused by large traffic congestion and server instability, after an emergency repair, the problem has been resolved. Didi taxi said the inconvenience to users apologize.

in the afternoon, however, the situation continues. Passengers Ms. Lee told the Beijing News reporter yesterday to work through the didi hit >

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