Fenbei jurisprudence case CEO Zheng Li in court repentance

I regret very much now, as a representative of 80 network industry, go to today this step, it is too late to regret.

– Zheng Li

Washington (reporter Tan Jingtian Zhang Yongjun) wearing a yellow vest, the bailiff escorted to the dock, Zheng Li stood on the court. The former DB network CEO fame, money for organizing the girls naked chat prisoner. Yesterday, including Zheng Li, including the 5 defendants in Jingzhou District People’s court trial in Jingzhou. The court held a public hearing, in the face of prosecution allegations, Zheng Li and other 5 pleaded guilty, but denied the serious circumstances.

relatives are blocked outside the courtroom

yesterday morning, a thick fog enveloped the ancient city of Jingzhou. Early in the morning, the bailiff will Zheng Li 5 people from the Shashi detention center to the district court. The families of several defendants, also came to the court waiting outside.

8:40, the case in Jingzhou District People’s Court of first instance on time trial. However, the court held that the case involves the privacy of minors, while in order to protect the privacy of witnesses, to take an open trial. In addition to the members of the collegial panel, the prosecutor and the lawyer and the bailiff, other people are not allowed to enter. The defendant has long been waiting in court, many media reporters who heard, have all been in the door.

from beginning to end, came to the defendant’s family, have been waiting outside the court. In the face of the reporter’s inquiry, they are reluctant to interview.

pleaded guilty but said the plot was not serious

trial lasted until 2 p.m..

"for the indictment alleged facts and charges, you have what opinion?" the prosecutor read the indictment, the judge asked Zheng Li 5 people one by one.

"no comment." Zheng Li and other 5 people, for the prosecution alleged crimes and charges of organizing obscene performances, are recognized. "But I don’t think my behavior is in the" serious "range." Zheng Li said that his criminal acts of social harm is very small. Dai Zeyan and other 4 people, but also basically agree with the views of Zheng Li.

I’m just making playback software and web site promotion, and no establishment of pornographic websites of subjective consciousness, so I should not be an accessory to the organizers." Liu Junsong raised an objection to the prosecution’s allegations. In this regard, the prosecutor believes that when the public security organs cracked the case, found that one of the site’s registered name has 3 million 170 thousand, the spread of these sites is no doubt. Although Liu Junsong argued that it was not the organizer and accomplice, but Liu Junsong is in knowing that the site "operation" to promote the dissemination of content.

in addition to the 5 defendants, as well as access to Chongqing science and Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing color blue Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing poly Music Network Co., Ltd. the 3 defendants. It is reported that, in addition to the music network agent for the company to do the innocent defense, >

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