Daily topic chasing balloons bear children, the author is not satisfied with the response to appeal

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 3rd news, recently made the "chasing balloons raise a Babel of criticism of bear children violations, youku.com in its official response to micro-blog, this video has been removed, willing to bear all the responsibility of young employees involved criticism. According to Youku apology but does not admit for infringement of the statement, youth can not be bullied author micro-blog responded that Youku "apology" not convincing, more a statement has no significance, has decided to resort to the law.

from the beginning the evening of November 29th, which is the one called "juvenile" rights can not be bullied post fire. Post for a 19 year old friend NIKO EDWARDS. Post said that the two major Internet brands Youku and unfamiliar street suspected of cheating, copying its creative shooting earth. One side is the author of the grassroots, while the Internet giant, on the protection of young people’s creativity and awareness of the topic will soon be discussed on the internet.

According to NIKO, in July 22nd, he told his friends about the idea of using a balloon to take pictures of the earth, and 6 small partners formed a team to practice the idea, according to

. In September 3rd, they will be loaded with shooting equipment in Jieyang balloon into space. 5 days later, they were on the topic of "chasing the balloon bear children, in the media since written and published images: 4 city aerial photos and 4 shots in the near space image of the earth, and recorded the process planning and shooting.

after the article has attracted some attention, including youku. After the national day, Youku staff contacted the NIKO, expressed the desire to cooperate, for them to shoot a documentary to commemorate their experience.

"We trust in defrauding

, Wang Teng (Youku producer) to take the name of equipment and asked our production process, until we know, he asked us not to be taken, the budget, but to our ideas and methods of plagiarism shooting." NIKO wrote, "unfortunately, our understanding is in exchange for elaborate deception and lies, only that we are too friendly and young."


, Wang Teng told them that due to funding reasons, unable to shoot, the two sides to terminate cooperation. However, let NIKO they did not think that, in November 26th, Youku released a video of the same name – – chasing the bear bear children. This video has been played 1 million 570 thousand times, the video source as "unfamiliar street technology".

responded to this investigation Youku said, although in the legal field can not be identified as violations, but out of the original protection and respect, Youku publicly apologized. In the repeated tracing, we believe that the video "chasing balloons" bear children has the following problems: video title and NIK0 in duplicate; have similar local business context and the experience of NIKO and NIKO in the earth; pictures released photos >

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