Credit rental platform HomeMe $3 million 200 thousand seed round financing

October 11th, credit rental platform HomeMe announced a $3 million 200 thousand seed round of financing, investment by Menlo Ventures, the company plans to use the current round of financing to expand new markets.


HomeMe was founded in 2015, headquartered in California, is committed to the development of rental applications, simplifying the process of rental housing application. The company launched the App pre-approval system, the user can submit a rental application of personal financial information submitted for approval, approval by the user, and then lease the right price of housing resources. Users get satisfactory housing to sign the lease, to the App through a credit card to pay the deposit, the HomeMe system will ask the user more information again to verify personal property. This kind of service mode of HomeMe facilitates the operation of both tenants and housing management, saving time and cost for them.

HomeMe is currently operating in several cities in Texas, focusing on the professional management of rental housing services, and to strengthen marketing efforts for those looking for a larger home customers. At the same time, the company is also seeking to enter the eastern and western coastal cities to explore the central area of Texas. HomeMe CEO Mark Douglas said: "we plan to cover the entire state of Texas, from northeastern Dallas to the middle of the Austen to the southern city of Sanantonio, and gradually extended to the central region of the United states." The next stop is expected to be the expansion of the HomeMe market in Chicago, and the company plans to conduct a higher amount of financing next year.

Douglas said, now the housing rental market is mature, the company’s financing can be said to be the first shot in the real estate leasing market battle after the war, there will be more and more companies to join this battle.

HomeMe is not the only one to adopt a new approach to deal with housing rental companies, Nooklyn and Nestio are also targeting this market area. In addition, there are a number of rental sites do a deeper attempt to target a specific target groups. Rental assistant Cribspot and LoftSmart are based on college students in the rental market (about $billions of dollars) as the starting point for business.

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