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I do not know how to optimize these two days inadvertently discovered a small skill, it should be mentioned.

recently busy doing graduate design, their topic is based on the ASP water quality online monitoring system. A few days ago, when thinking about writing a paper, the results of the next Baidu.. nothing found, depressed in his own BLOG on the issue of a short essay entitled ASP thesis. Second days found IP suddenly more than more than and 40, all from Baidu’s ASP thesis search


is not a good way, I think this is the first time in the back of the paper can be written up their own papers, do not know whether it is really effective

some time ago to do some of the problems encountered in the design to write up also became part of the current source of traffic

if you add some similar article resources should be more harvest, especially this time to do graduate design is also more. There is a lazy University, basically rely on the network to find resources

in the appropriate time to get some more targeted resources for site traffic will certainly help

‘s first attempt to write a similar article… Come on brick

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