Tell you a shortcut, the network marketing effort, and

now do promotion on the Internet, no matter what you are doing, at least you have to do two points:

1 you have to contact your way to stay, that is, through this method, the flow can jump from here to your page, continue to understand you or your product.

2 contact you to stay, but does not mean that people will stay to click on, will contact you. So, you also need to cooperate with the appropriate content so that people are interested in you, so that they will go according to your contact to find you. Lay the foundation for the following guide consumption.

although above is only the two premise, but if you want to really do, then, is not an easy thing.

sure everyone will be deleted posts, deleted links or titles experience, have managed to leave the contact way, but people don’t bird you, actually the drainage effect is almost zero in the bitterness of the past.

to solve these two problems is not difficult to use skills:

first, you have to choose a more traffic, ranking is also good, included fast platform.

then, the platform allows either to leave links, contact information, etc., or can be flexible to stay.

finally, the platform should have at least one free place for you to play.

meet the above requirements, I listed two sites: know almost and tianya.

said first know almost.

know is a somewhat different question and answer platform, divided into different topics, there are a lot of big V number, the topic is very interesting. Weight, ranking also line.

, for example, we search "micro-blog marketing", the first page in addition to a very large number of other sites, almost all advertising. Are the.

knows almost second pages.


actually, these are not the most important.

in almost know the answer to the question, than in the Baidu know much more than.

because in almost know the answer to the question, you can not only add micro signals and other contact information, and even links can also be added. You can also choose to join the anchor text or straight chain. Add two-dimensional code, and so on, can be.

so, in the know is divided into large and small, ask the answer, leave contact information is very easy to do.

for example, I want to insert a handmade soap product link,


paste well, as follows:


you can put your mouse arrow on the link, select the text also

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