Webmaster attention why your site no flow

http://s.topxuexi.com has been engaged in the promotion of learning research website promotion method, we use marketing team to study website promotion, repeatedly wrote published in the promotion of learning, we observed that many websites rarely have traffic, we now have to analyze why your site does not flow, hope the webmaster can cause to find their own website problems, and then improve the promotion strategy.

(1) to promote the right way, many owners will analyze their own website, in the promotion of the site, it is difficult to find effective ways to promote the site, but the eyebrows beard, often to see some methods to promote the Internet website, and then no experience using it again, this approach is clearly not feasible. Published online many methods of website promotion, each method is based on its website development promotion methods, such as a picture of the station to write the promotion of the site by a novel station used to promote, obviously the effect is not very good, webmaster want to understand any kind of promotion methods the site behind and has many methods to promote the site class, of course, just in the promotion of learning on these, the last time we released about the novel and movie station station push Wide method by the majority of the webmaster.

(2) no perseverance, no perseverance, many webmaster promotion website two days fishing, three days of drying, this is clearly not enough, as the promotion of learning before the author pointed out that the construction site is a hard thing, but you have to institute, website promotion is a profound knowledge, we always think so. Webmaster’s wisdom is embodied in this respect, learning, thinking is often successful webmaster webmaster. To promote the site, you clearly want to choose the way you have to stick to it.

(3) was too impetuous, many owners of the old money, flighty and impetuous, a domain name for a space station for three days, for good after their own content, but users? Just to a user, you change the station, what does it mean? A loss households, time, people go to your website? Your site will flow


website promotion is a question of knowledge, to learn more, more operation, you can often go to some of the best web site to learn, want to promote learning network, webmaster nets!

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