SEO optimization of the commonly used marketing measures

had asked me for a corporate website, some marketing measures of SEO optimization technology or network marketing, network marketing to answer important, because for a business, profit is the only goal of the enterprise, the 360 founder Zhou Hongwei once said that if an enterprise not profitable is a very immoral things, I feel this saying is very reasonable, for an enterprise, the enterprise should do is to provide valuable products or services for users or customers, which can make the enterprise profit, if an enterprise cannot explain the enterprise product or profit the service does not bring value, so, if you create a cannot produce the value of the company is really a very immoral thing. The same is true for our website, if your site does not produce value is also not a moral thing, and now the Internet market situation is a lot of new products and services is very valuable, but not the product visibility and product exposure, not good at marketing measures for the use of network marketing to the website is not profitable, but we want to make our website in the state of profit, which requires us to master some of the network marketing measures, then, what are the commonly used SEO network marketing measures


1, user boot

stupid people will require customers to buy your products, smart people is to guide customers to buy your products, but in most companies often play the role of the sales staff stupid, marketers play smart character, but both are indispensable, if you work in many companies, you will find one thing is, whether it is any one company, two teams he must be the most powerful sales department and marketing department. The user guide is the marketing department will use marketing measures on this network marketing measures to guide users in my previous articles like a brief, user guide refers to the users to browse our website, we must guide the user to buy our products, in many sites will there is a similar product there are many types of situation, in this case the user usually of products is not very understanding, do not know which type of products of good quality, which type of product quality is not good, in this user psychology, most users will choose to buy more products, usually marketing personnel will require technology departments in the website of the product is how many people buy, of course, this is the number of buy can be set free, because this is a kind of network Marketing measures.

2, emotional marketing

can be said that the Internet is an information transmission speed and range are a way relatively fast, almost any news can immediately let everyone detailed knowledge on the Internet, this is the network marketing measures of emotional marketing has laid a good foundation, emotional marketing is usually through the user’s mercy psychological or let the user more angry way to achieve a brand promotion effect, we do not.

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