My blog promotion experience to learn to manage the establishment of a resource station

a lot of people do not know how to engage in the chain, a healthy and effective chain is even more difficult, I will talk about some promotion methods of the chain today, hope the new bird watching are harvesting birds.

first, learn to manage and establish their own resources Station

what is a resource station? A stable and effective blog is a resource station. QQ space is also engaged in the chain of resources. A lot of people say that Baidu is not included in the QQ space of the article? Now if you say that it would be wrong. Now Baidu has slowly begun to accept the article QQ space, we can go to Baidu look at it.

so how to manage their own resources, of course, first of all, is to apply for a blog, you can be Sohu, Sina, QQ space, Tianya blog, and so on, I will not be listed here. After the application of the blog, you want to remove all the useless plate (if you do not delete will occupy the weight of your plate), such as music, albums and other sectors can be deleted, RRS can be retained. Because we are mainly to Baidu and other search engines included in our articles. We must adhere to the original update after finishing plate, if it is not to use the original, do not understand the original don’t pick. Adhere to more than a week, most of your articles will be included, at least I can guarantee 70%, this data is investigated and verified.

two, how to choose blog?

why do you want to say this because you will not pass the weight of the blog crazy hair article, then you are doing the invalid. The first thing we have to do is look at the blog is not in the A tag to join the NOFOLLOW tag, if he joined the NOFOLLOW tag, then we can eliminate this blog. There’s no need to go on studying. For example, the article inside the watercress, A tags are added to the NOFOLLOW tag, so if you do not add the word of mouth effect in the article, then you are in the hair is also white hair, I hope you pay attention to this point. To join the A label below there is no NOFOLLOW, it is necessary to look at his JS below have joined, I believe we all know how to find.

related domain, the article must be made with your site has a certain relevance, do not say that you sell clothes, but made some things not related to selling news.

three, how to find a blog

learn to compete for resources, you can see a link on YAHOO, ranked higher than you site outside the chain, look at the chain where, from which you can find many effective outside chain resources, so you can go beyond his rival on the basis of. You can also look at Baidu domain, look at the source of the chain. Here to recommend a check of the chain of the tool bar, the owner of the tool box, I do not want to spit my saliva, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh.

four, learn to find some weight high >

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