Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of hotel booking industry

do SEO know, Baidu know the promotion effect is very obvious, not only included fast, and high ranking. Not only to increase the reverse link, but also directly click traffic. So a lot of questions and answers to promote SEOER have invested a lot of energy. I am in the promotion of easy Cheng Hotel booking network, but also the use of Q & a promotion. And this method is applied to more questions and answers website. For example the ask, Sogou ask, Search ask, as well as some traveling travel interlocution above. Now do some summary and share the results.

1, Baidu know:

this is the biggest and most important place.

has the advantages of the use of the number of updates quickly, the effect is obvious, the promotion of the time in the reservation for hotel, a high quality question and answer every day will bring a lot of traffic, promote the business quite effective.

shortcomings: the success rate is low, often deleted by the administrator posts, sometimes one day will not succeed. Therefore, it is necessary to spend a lot of effort to study, not only to meet the administrator’s appetite, but also to achieve the purpose of advertising. It’s very stressful for


2, skyline ask:

advantages: Posts more, loose management, the contents of the release will be successful, deleted very little.

shortcomings: back GG also did not give him much popularity, although many posts, but the update is slow, popularity is not enough. Natural effect is not obvious.

3, Sogou ask:

advantages: compared to the end of the world, the update should be faster, cheaper to be larger, slightly better popularity. Release is also relatively easy. Deleted less.

shortcomings: and Tianya almost, not too much popularity, new posts less, often to wait a few days before someone raises new questions.

4, Soso Ask:

advantages: backed by the huge popularity of QQ, making the post update quickly, very popular, every day there will be a new post.

disadvantages: less professional posts, strict management, a lot of deleted. Need to invest a lot of energy. Effect is not good Baidu.

5, other travel companion travel Q & A:

advantages: professional, targeted.

shortcomings: Post less, not popular, strict management, the probability of being deleted is very high.

above analysis, just a simple general analysis. Through the analysis, all kinds of questions and answers promotion, each has its own characteristics, different places should use different content, in order to achieve the desired results. After the promotion of Yi Cheng Hotel booking network, but also adhere to the Q & a promotion, and a summary of the analysis, in order to improve efficiency.