Website promotion in the soft text of the flow may not have imagined so exaggerated

today to see a blog, is mainly about how to write a fine soft, soft inside said a case, said there is a very old post horizon, this post itself seems not soft, but a real user experience. Click on the amount of about 31 thousand times, to more than 1 thousand and 200, the most important thing is, then someone took this post in the next adaptation, in reply into his soft wide, click amounted to 9700 times, reply 1866 times, but also is inserted into the soft wide micro signal, and the effect to flow this article is really so good? Doubt nnoitora, because I own a few days ago also have a few a decent post, and can bring the flow may not be so good, bear with me.

(the actual data in this article may be able to give some want to put advertising businesses and owners to do a reference Oh, you must have a certain harvest)

soft point of access to the collection of data and soft wide data set

I often know the answer, 6 days ago, the answer is an interesting topic "if the hands and feet were tied, mouth is a bandage, without the aid of external force under the premise of how to let yourself out?", just one evening, the answer may be too wonderful, a lot of friends point to the top of the first, the next point did not stop ah, until today to write this article and on the point of praise.

1, point like data and soft wide location screenshot

what words do not say, first look at the number of praise and I set the location of the soft wide: above. (point like number 1459)


see? And soft Wide Web links or signature type, click directly, than the so-called micro signal into the speed of much faster, micro signal, mobile phone, mobile phone, but also picked up the open mobile phone unlock screen, open WeChat, enter your micro signal (or you scan two-dimensional code) click OK to add as a friend, how many steps.

in fact, if you only look at my answer, there is also an author on the right side, of course, can also see my link signature, there is no screenshot, we can search for their own to see.

2, the title of the collection of data and click data

because the subject is registered users can be collected, and a single problem can also be accessed to the statistics of the visit, I by the screenshot: (collection of 174 times)


the number of visits to the problem 86000 times, even if playing a half discount, there are 43000 times, it should not be less.

3, look at the number of comments (comment number 192)


4, see if you know someone