Pay for the king, the flow of entertainment stations do not vote advertising brand

in the global economic downturn environment, there will be more and more people to participate in the work of the low threshold of the owners, but also will be associated with the creation of more personal small entertainment station. How to reflect the advantages of many entertainment stations, get more users love, seize the most effective crowd. The only thing you can do is to promote.

talk about promotion, 95% of the owners are considered to be a link to other sites, forums, post advertising. Although this is not a promotional gimmick, but it does belong to the lower level. Not only does it waste a lot of time and energy, but it doesn’t always work, because most of your ads will be deleted soon. Is your day job at night on the void, and what is the significance? In fact through the free promotion methods of the 95% owners finally can promote the successful few, and most are accumulated by the time of the popularity, and not in a quarter or half a year to complete the super popular traffic.

sure that a lot of curiosity about how to do not waste energy and time for my new station to get a higher flow rate?

tell you the best publicity channels or pay for advertising promotion, including the purchase flow chain of low-cost click, and the release of the monthly advertising in some great popular entertainment website. According to the experience of my sister ", flow chain prices look cheap, but the point of the quality is not high, many people are basically in the late, there will not be long-term visitors to your site. Put in a large monthly entertainment website advertising effect may be better, my sister started to buy "I see navigation home page of the" picture column first location on the site after a month, this ad clicks a day about 2000ip, and the monthly price of less than 1000 yuan, basically than on the flow chain also cost very much. Because the effect is good and in the "I see the network" home page advertising campaign, through this position can bring about 5000IP per day, the specific price on the confidentiality. I would like to tell you that the core problem is that advertising is absolutely more than their own manual propaganda to come.

always pay a return, now in less than a month, but on the 20 day has been through video registered advertising website itself back to this, so we do not pre investment promotion, money does not necessarily want to get things done, free to operate the website is very difficult, if you are the promotion of the genius have unique cheats don’t listen to me, but if you are just an ordinary webmaster, find some real traffic relatively large entertainment sites on the monthly advertising, control range can withstand you can be.

hope you can stand in the bad image of the Internet to find their own winter spring.

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