The collaborative online examination to establish new standards of remote video education

recently, a new generation of distance education platform – examination online network (, officially began operations.


platform by the Beijing force Innovation Technology Development Co. Ltd. to provide technical services, online examination of digital TV channel provides content and service, to provide the latest and most complete, best, fastest and most authoritative platform of distance education for the society.

not long ago, in order to solve the storm brought to the Hunan college entrance examination students learning difficulties, experience the force by virtue of its advanced technology force P2P video remote education technology and years of the video industry, combined with the Education Department of Hunan Province jointly build the network video education website – Yuan Menggao test network, so that students can enjoy the teaching quality, ensure Hunan candidates Pro quality. Today, the same force by science and technology as a technology provider, to create a joint examination and online digital channel for a new generation of remote education platform, online examination network, based on inheriting the high quality network video transmission has always been the force on the innovation in the force "three screen" strategy, increase the interactive answering function, so that the examination online network both in technology and content, or in the service and operation, more in line with the modern distance education platform, greatly improving the current distance education website standard.

is a new generation of remote education platform, by the force of science and technology to provide full technical services. The scope of cooperation between the two sides of the cover such as web design, website construction, the deployment of the P2P streaming media system deployment and program and background management system design and development, DRM protection mechanism, CMS system design and development and operation of the system design and development of a set of video network platform construction.

exam online network relative to the current distance education website, has the following advantages.

technical advantages:

1 binding force P2P video technology of distance education, during the teaching content, without interruption, buffer, video synchronization phenomenon, the playback quality of video teaching content can be protected.

Application of

2 force P2P video remote education system, with the most suitable education industry’s "three screen" mode to achieve content, so that students can watch the video in the classroom at the same time, you can see the synchronous electronic materials, greatly improving the quality of teaching.

3 increases the question answering system, enables the student to be able to communicate with the teacher immediately, puts forward the question which produces to the classroom content, with the teacher "face to face" interactive question answering, causes the student to digest the entire teaching content.

4 combines live, on-demand, carousel three release, the same platform, with a variety of video services. In this platform, the teaching content of the students can not only on their own interest, can also see the classic teaching content examination online channel recommended, more can be seen by the online channel examination regularly for experts in the field of students live lectures and various program activities.

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