Please do not copy the site to promote several methods to copy to

often have seen N website promotion articles like stationmaster net friends, but click into a look, most of them are from the old article copied out. What is the meaning of this ah, always want to be a little new, a little innovation. In order to extract and soft, no ground for blame, but not everyone from these.

said that although the website promotion method is nothing more than that, but I’m sure some real promotion master will have a promotion methods of its own, and is not easily reveal to the public, on the whole world all know, I think it is not necessarily very useful. Now the Internet users are powerful, what soft, what advertising, one can see. Which are not willing to make a contribution to click on the flow to you.

we don’t hope in the promotion of their own unique master announced the promotion methods, but please don’t take the old webmaster website promotion method to write articles, write some new things, don’t fiddle with the several methods. A waste of the attention of the owners of the eye.

I do an external link here, we do not click in, I do not need such traffic

love ERP nets

professional ERP knowledge site, tell you what is the ERP and ERP systems and ERP software information.

I think we text in stationmaster net is not to say that rely on network owners to bring more traffic, there is a chain on the line, we do not know what reason,

said these, I hope you don’t scold me, I will not write anything, just scribbles.

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