Raise the car a creative value is not worth 70 thousand

All the chips

rise in the United States, is the originator of the familiar KickStarter; the specific mode of operation for the site by building a network platform to face the public financing for creative people may get the money they need, in order to make their dream possible. The rise of this model breaks the traditional mode of financing, every ordinary people can get involved in an activity or creation of money by the public to raise mode, the financing source is no longer confined to institutions such as venture capital, which can be derived from the public.

, like many other new things, the congregation raised pattern has also been imitated by many China entrepreneurs, from the division of time, dream network, to the current comprehensive done relatively large to raise public network (http://s.zhongchou.cn/), is a leader in this field.

All the chips

itself is a gathering creative platform, however, for the people, yet there are few pure support creative users, mainly to the domestic public to raise the site so the single are concentrated in the real return is to raise the public, as previously done the biggest roll call for example, now has been transformed into science and technology products starting platform. From the dream and raise network point of view, in fact, the success rate is also higher than other projects to raise the public, movies, travel difficult, mostly small amount. But I also see the public to raise all the exceptions.

public car to raise it?

, nothing else to do, to raise public network online search "traffic jam" search results into the "racing" saw a car to raise public projects, because I work, so it is to raise public projects to raise public concern, the car should be regarded as the first domestic. But what is the value of the first


I read the copy, that is similar to "self media" or "network Master" feeling, as we all know, "media" or "network Master" itself has released a natural channel, this channel may be WeChat, micro-blog blog, and other platforms, and the congregation raised the car the project sponsor is racing as the media show, to attract users to raise the public through advertising.

I feel that if you simply rely on the car itself as a line from the media "temporary is not enough, because the car as the eyeball economy, the game has no display space, although the project document said Royce racing club may match, but only a month on it is very difficult to support the project. But the project sponsor is the media, this is more or less increased my good gas, and contacted him, and got some of the congregation raised about the deeper point of return the car.

raised a car online and offline advertising show

interview that the congregation raised the car project sponsor is bright founder Skype (http://s.skype.gmw.cn) a marketing manager, the person already has 8 years of experience about on the Internet, be good at planning and marketing, at the same time.

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