nventory 5 alternative network marketing classic case

now many enterprises through the development of network marketing to get rid of the cycle of competition, Alibaba, Taobao has created another batch of Business Myths, Meizhou ink Limited Brands to send a check for you 10 real network marketing classic case:

No.1 marketing philosophy recriminationThe

network has some disharmonious factors, whether it is a celebrity among or between enterprises and recrimination, slander, or brand the debate, are full of recrimination marketing philosophy, marketing of the 360 most obvious, 2010 3Q war, 360 became apparent event winners name Sheng clamor on 2012; 3B war 360 trick, and Baidu compete, although obviously not the enemy, but the effect is quite obvious, let 360 search engines by the users attention.

No.2 price war behind the cooperation

price war has always been synonymous with both but there was just a pretext for the competitors, the price war of network marketing, it is controversial 2012 Suning and Jingdong in the price war, during the war, two competitors situation with the fire, you cut the price to my gifts, the media also bite the enemy is not put, turns play, consumers are not happy. And wait for one of the lower price. Suning and Jingdong sales soared, then consumers began to find what you buy is not cheaper than usual, then a plot of "cooperation" surfaced, Suning and Jingdong have become the beneficiaries of the price war.

No.3 grill counter attack

barbecue shop also network marketing network marketing business? One dollar can make money? This is a lot of confusion, but Li Ye is through network marketing to make a pot of gold. He mainly through Taobao shop sales, network marketing is very simple, that is "commitment to marketing", "taste, no blind spot delivery, integrity assurance" commitment is very simple, but he has a way of practice, because of the particularity of the barbecue, the introduction of the "commitment to marketing success, from the first few months only a small amount of orders, to seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan a day now, he is the first person to network marketing tactics for winning.

No.4 grandfather model shop

network is now the most fire sale is in the clothing, clothing enterprises who want to break it is not generally difficult, but the 72 year old Grandpa a shop owner in tide clothing, Taobao hand jump model photography all kinds of handbags, wearing a red colored wig in the network, the "weird", for the shop to usher in a lot of eyeballs also brought a lot of orders, the extent and degree of the classic offbeat really remarkable.

No.5 restaurant menu temptation

Spain Chinese Mr. Chen runs a Chinese takeaway in the outskirts of Madrid, the financial crisis makes the business, Mr. Chen near the reception area every day to send an e-mail, mail content.

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